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Claude Steben

nursery rhyme book
Children's book

"My name is Grandpa Dodo. I am the most sleepy voice in the world. I have the experience required to make your little love relax and dream."


Grandpa Dodo's book is made up of 6 nursery rhymes to transport toddlers to a sweet sleep. It is translated into 3 languages French, English Spanish. It is accompanied by the piano score if your parents have a musical soul. Otherwise, just one click is enough to hear Grandpa Dodo bring your child into the arms of Morpheus!

Warning: not to be used at a party or while driving a car because the risk of falling asleep is too great, even for parents and grandparents!

Léa is, like many children, aware of everything to do with ecology. That's why, in order to respect the vision of our heroine, this book is made of recycled materials.

The primary goal of Léa's adventures is to promote ecology among young people. Education begins at home, because everything happens during childhood.

Every small ecological gesture made towards our planet, no matter how small, is like the drop of water that swells the stream, which flows into the river and from the river which goes to the sea.

Book of rhymes for children by Claude Steben
children's book on ecology by Thérèse Labrie

Claude Steben, author - composer - actor

Some remember him...
The discovery singer of the year 1964 in Quebec
and... Captain Cosmos of the satellipopettes!

Claude Steben singer and cosmos captain of the satellipopettes

For more than 40 years, the world of children has fascinated him, and he wants to create a little magic and sweetness in them, this was done with the very famous show Captain Cosmos and continues now with his nursery rhymes and his children's books.


Claude has become the Grandpa Dodo for toddlers.

Her captivating voice charms both children and parents.

Discover or rediscover, Claude Steben the animator, the singer, the composer and the author

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